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New Release Round-Up

Find out what’s new on DVD/Blu-Ray ever week with New Release Round Up

New Release Round Up 4/28

I would say that this week is an average week for new releases. Nothing spectacular is coming out but there’s some interesting things you might want to investigate.

New Release Round Up 4/14

There’s pretty much nothing coming out this week. These four DVD releases are the best I could come up with. The silver lining is that Crank: High Voltage is out on Friday so we all have that to look forward to. Anyway, here’s what’s out in case your interested.

New Release Round-Up 4/6

Pretty darn good week this week as there’s a crapload of new Blu Rays and the new and improved DS or DSi as it’s calling itself now.

New Release Round Up 3/31

Get ready for some nostalgia as a bunch of old favorites get released or re-released this week including The Matrix’s 10th anniversary, some Goosebumps movies, The Real Ghostbusters and a literary classic with a little something extra.