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New Release Round-Up

Find out what’s new on DVD/Blu-Ray ever week with New Release Round Up

New Release Round Up 3/24

Man after last week’s abysmal release schedule we have a bunch of great stuff coming out. Let’s mosey on into it, shall we?

New Release Round Up 3/17

I don’t know if a leprechaun stole all the good releases or what because there is almost nothing coming out this week.

New Release Round Up 3/3

The big event this week is Friday with the release of Watchmen but there’s some DVDs and Games that are coming out that should keep you busy till then.

New Release Round Up 2/24

It’s a good week if you’re a PS3 owner.  You have Killzone 2 coming out and some classics on Blu Ray. DVDs What Just Happened?

New Release Round Up: Street Fighting!

Big gaming week this week as Street Fighter IV comes out for both the 360 and PS3 and there’s a crapload of controllers and fighting sticks to accompany it.  There’s other games and DVDs as well plus Conan’s last late night show and the Oscars. DVDs: Quarantine

New Release Round Up 1/27

After a few weeks of slow releases we get a torrent of new DVDs this week.  Games are still going slow but next month some biggies are coming out.  Well, anyway, let’s see what’s out this week. DVDs: Hulk Vs.

New Release Round Up 1/20

Hey everyone.  Apparentley there’s some sort of big hulabaloo going on in Washington today but we’re more concerned with the new releases coming out today. DVDs: Max Payne