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Weekly recaps of some of our favorite TV shows

When You’re A Spy: All or Nothing

Michael and Fi go undercover as hackers to take down the group that found and sold Sonya’s identity in this week’s episode, directed by Jonathan Frakes.

When You’re a Spy: Exit Plan

Michael and the gang are stuck between two dangerous Russian ladies in Cuba while Fiona gets blackmailed by Strong back in Miami in this week’s episode of Burn Notice.

When You’re A Spy: Brother in Arms

Burke and Michael bring Jesse and Sam to Cuba to break one of Burke’s comrades, Sonya, out of a secret Russian prison while Fi and Maddie kidnap a Russian spy in Miami to help them.

When You’re a Spy: Down Range

Back in the DR this week, Michael brings in Sam and Jesse to help him and Burke steal a truck from a secure complex while Fi helps Maddie deal with Nate’s old bookie, who is looking to collect on Nate’s debt.

When You’re A Spy: New Deal

Michael is in a dark place at the beginning of the final season of Burn Notice, as the deal he made to get the rest of the gang cleared sent him into deep cover in the Dominican Republic to find an ex-CIA operative who is planning a major terrorist attack.

When You’re A Spy: You Can Run

The Season 6 finale of Burn Notice ends up in some familiar territory with Michael possibly back in the CIA, but the journey there has some tense and exciting sequences, including a game of chicken with the Coast Guard.

When You’re A Spy: Odd Man Out

The Burn Notice team manages to get their new passports but a disgruntled rival smuggler forces Michael, Sam, Fi and Schmidt into a nearby factory with seemingly no way out.

When You’re a Spy: Best Laid Plans

The group has to try and con one of Schmidt’s clients with a broken remote circuit breaker and stop him from pulling a heist in the latest episode of Burn Notice.

When You’re A Spy: Down and Out

The Burn Notice gang needs to get out of Miami but before they get passports and new IDs, they have to help a local smuggler, Calvin Schmidt (Patton Oswalt), get rid of a Syrian gun runner who is out to kill him.