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Day 0 of Monster-Mania 2014

This entry is part 1 in the series EA at Monster Mania 2014
It came as a huge slap to my ego… I can say I’m a huge horror fan, yet I never knew I lived so close to a local Horror con. Somehow, I’ve been oblivious to it the whole time I’ve lived in New Jersey. But that’s changing this year when I finally visit Monster-Mania (March […]

Review: Black Sails

Trading Disney magic for Starz grit and violence, Black Sails is debuting this Saturday and Chris has some thoughts on the first episode.

Chris’s Top Ten of 2013

I was late to the 2013 movie release party and spent the last two months catching up. Spoiler alert, I didn’t see “Gravity”, so that’s not on my list.

Review: Mob City

Smokey nightclubs, meetings in the dark, dangerous dames, and gritty gangsters that you shouldn’t turn your back to; this is the setting of the L.A during the 1940’s and of the new TNT series, Mob City.

The Terrible Truths of Kids Movies

The Chris Contingency returns to discuss the hidden messages (or truth meanings) behind the kid movies that gave us such fond memories while blindly watching.