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Reviews and recaps of the latest comics hitting a spinner rack near you

The Pull List: Eternity Vol 1

  Written by Matt Kindt and art provided by Trevor Hairsine and Ryan Winn, Eternity is the follow up series of Valiant’s  Divinity, Divinity II and Divinity III. Divinity introduced the character Abram Adams, a Russian cosmonaut that traveled deep into outer space. During his travels he gained immense power, giving him god like abilities. With his […]

The Pull List: September 13 2017

After a small delay in catching up on September’s comic, I’ve finally made time to relax and read up on last week’s new comic book day releases. I’ve been hunting down back issues of American Gods while the TV version is preparing for its next season on Starz. I’m refreshing my Ninjak knowledge with his […]

The Pull List: Amazing Age #1 & #2

Did you grow up doodling super heroes? Heroes that could fly, break through walls, save innocent people and fight evil? High school cartoonist Sam Charleston did, and now his imaginary world has become his reality troubles in Amazing Age. Created by Matthew D. Smith, Jeremy Massie and Christine Brunson, and published by Alterna Comics, Amazing […]

The Pull List: BANKSHOT #1 & #2

Who doesn’t like a good action packed revenge tale? (I sure do!) Comic creators Alex de Campi, CHRISCROSS and Snakebite Cortez introduce a new action packed story in BANKSHOT, a limited series published by Dark Horse Comics. BANKSHOT is a series about Marcus King, a former American solider turned billionaire and secret terrorist. Hidden behind his rich […]

Review: Will Save the Galaxy for Food

Will Save the Galaxy for Food is sci fi comedy novel that reads like a season 2 episode of Futurama and making all the bad decisions in the Mass Effect games (Which are both good things for the nerdy uninitiated). I’ve been a fan of Yahtzee’s humor from his works on Zero Punctuation and his […]

The Pull List: Aliens: Defiance #1

A recently recovered colonial marine and a squad of androids investigate a derelict hauler in the first issue of Dark Horse’s new Aliens series, Defiance.

The Pull List: Plants vs Zombies Zombox

Dark Horse Comics have expanded the world of PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies series into a series of comics and three of the story arcs have been collected in the recently released “Zombox” box set.

The Pull List: 451’s Launch Titles

Michael Bay co-founded the new comic publisher 451 and their launch lineup has been coming out since they made a big splash at NYCC. See what you can expect as we rundown the five titles they have available so far.

The Pull List One Shot: James Bond #1

Comics legend Warren Ellis is behind a new on-going James Bond comic series from Dynamite and the first issue finds Bond seeking revenge for the fallen 008 before being sent to track down the source of a new synthetic drug.