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Assassination Games Trailer

JCVD is back in action as an assassin who has to team up with a rival, played by Scott Adkins, to take down a corrupt DEA agent.

Brave Teaser Trailer

Pixar is moving on from the critical panning of Cars 2 and released the teaser for their next movie, Brave, coming out in summer 2012 and follows the adventures of Irish princess Merida.

Flypaper Trailer

The writers of The Hangover and the director of The Lion King, among other movies, brings us the heist comedy Flypaper, starring Patrick Dempsey and features a bank getting robbed by two groups of criminals.

Killer Elite Trailer

We found out about it a couple of weeks ago but now we have a kick ass trailer for the Jason Statham/Clive Owen/Robert De Niro action movie, Killer Elite.

Moneyball Trailer

After getting completely shut down by Sony and original director Steven Soderbergh leaving, Moneyball is set to come out later this year and follows the true story of Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane and his unorthodox strategy to build a winning baseball team with a limited budget.

The Muppets Trailer

Trying to fake out audiences this weekend in some prints of Pirates was the first teaser trailer for Jason Segel’s reboot of The Muppets.