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Warrior Trailer

MMA has been pretty underrepresented as far as movies go but Warrior looks like it might be the first serious fictional take on the sport.

The Governator Trailer

After months of speculation, Arnold’s first big project since ending his reign as governor is the superhero cartoon The Governator and the trailer was just released.

Green Lantern Footage/Trailer

After going incommunicado after the original Green Lantern trailer, DC/WB released some footage at Wonder Con this weekend and the reception was so good they released an abridged version online.

The Fall of Sam Axe Trailer

We love Burn Notice here at Everything Action so you can bet we’re super excited for next month’s prequel movie starring Bruce Campbell, “The Fall of Sam Axe”.

The Three Musketeers Trailer

Paul W.S. Anderson is bringing his distinctive, insanely over the top touch to the Alexandre Dumas classic, The Three Musketeers.

Captain America Trailer

The first full trailer for Captain America has hit the interwebs and it’s definitely jumped up into one of our most anticipated movies of the jam packed Summer 2011.

11-11-11 Trailer

Coming out later this year, 11-11-11 makes the case that repeating number 11s are going to cause some horrible shit to happen this November.