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Trailer Park: The Super Trailers

This past weekend’s Super Bowl was basically a big preview event for Summer 09 with trailers for Transformers 2, Land of the Lost, GI Joe and Star Trek. What’s our take on these trailers, read on.

Trailer Park: GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Hopefully everyone’s having a spooktacular Halloween. There’s been a flood of trailers in the last couple of weeks so we thought it was a good time to head back to the Trailer Park.

TP: Marky Mark, the LaBeouf and Vin

Well, it’s the end of summer, the main movies that came out this week have a combined total of 16% freshness over at Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s time to look at what’s coming out this winter and next year.

Trailer Park: Bringing out the Big Guns

With the release of one of the biggest movies of the year last week with The Dark Knight (which blew us away with it’s incredibleness) and Comic-Con underway in San Diego we have some big trailers popping up. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

TP: Adrenaline Overload!

Hey everybody, hope you all survived Friday the 13th without any bad luck or hockey mask wearing hooligans trying to kill you. Anyway, a bunch of new trailers are out this week, including two from Jason “I will beat myself in over the topness” Statham. Let’s get it on!

Trailer Park: Red Bandapalooza

This week in the Trailer Park; Two new red band trailers for The Happening and Tropic Thunder, A new Hulk trailer, City of Ember and the teaser for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. The Happening

TP: Rock the Night

After a couple weeks break we are Back in Black with a bunch of great new trailers. So don’t Run to the Hills but stay and check them out, and all the other kick-ass stuff we have to offer. The Rocker

TP: Trailers that… aren’t so good

Another week and not a lot of good trailers, probably due to the fact that we’re a month till the summer movie extravaganza. Till then we’re just going to have to make due with what we have. The Love Guru

TP: Controversy with a side of Kung Fu

This week in the Trailer Park we have some controversy, one of the biggest team ups since Heat, the most ADD trailer ever and graphic novel craziness. “Controversy of the Week”: Fanboys