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Gamebox 2.0

Our monthly recap and review of games we are playing.

Gamebox 2.0: Temple of Osiris Edition

We played some games that take Resident Evil and Tomb Raider kind of back to their roots, a steampunk mech puzzle game, a sci-fi point and click adventure and much more in this edition of Gamebox 2.0

Gamebox 2.0: Statham Confirmed Edition

A star studded line up of games that we’ve gotten the chance to check out in the last month or so including the Jason Statham starring Sniper X, Elijah Wood starring Broken Age and Troy Baker starring Tales from the Borderlands.

Gamebox 2.0: Survive Until Dawn Edition

Big games like Until Dawn have started to hit the current gen consoles while smaller games like Party Hard and Edge of Space have hit Steam. We played those and more for the latest Gamebox 2.0

Gamebox 2.0: Bad Ass Elephant Edition

Tons of platforming goodness has come our way since the last Gamebox article with games like Sega’s Tembo the Bad Ass Elephant, the phenomenon that is Rocket League and more.

Gamebox 2.0: 1st Rule of Punch Club

We got to check out some E3 demos for a couple of upcoming Tiny Build games along with some downloadable titles on the PS4 and a throwback top down PC shooter for this edition of Gamebox 2.0.

E3 2015: Nintendo

Nintendo had lots to show, even though most of it is not coming out this year, with a new Star Fox, co-op Zelda and Metroid games and more.

E3 2015: Square Enix

Square Enix showed off their big upcoming games in their first ever solo press conference, including a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, Just Cause 3, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and more.

E3 2015: Ubisoft

Ubisoft unveiled a slew of Tom Clancy games along with the next Assassin’s Creed, a new South Park game and more.

E3 2015: EA

EA unveiled the best look yet for Star Wars Battlefront along with the first looks at the new Mirrors Edge, Need for Speed and Mass Effect games.