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Reviews of the most recent blockbusters (and maybe the occasional TV show)

Review: Assassination Games

Jean Claude Van Damme and Scott Adkins team up as rival hitmen to take down a Romanian crime boss in the recently released Assassination Games.

Review: Cowboys & Aliens

Jon Favreau’s latest summer blockbuster is a mash-up of the western and sci fi genres but does the mash up work or does it result in a mess?

Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

Marvel already set the bar pretty high this summer in terms of superhero movies with the fantastic Thor and X-Men: First Class but did they raise it even higher with Captain America?

Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Better late than never, it’s the Everything Action review of arguably the biggest action movie of the summer, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Was it able to recover from the cesspool that was Revenge of the Fallen?

Review: Green Lantern

DC’s only entry this summer in the comic book superhero genre, Green Lantern, has some heavy competition from Marvel’s trio of movies. Can it compete or should DC just focus on Batman?

Review: Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

The latest DC Animated movie is out just in time for the big release of the Green Lantern movie next week. Is it up to the high standards that have been set by the other DC Animated movies?

Review: Super 8

The hype has been ridiculous for Super 8 but now that it’s finally here, does it live up to it or does it disappoint?

Review: X-Men: First Class

After one horribly failed attempt to tell an prequel in the X-Men universe with Wolverine, can a prequel set in the 60’s with the other characters be better?