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The Pull List – Blackwood #4

Trouble comes to Blackwood in a storm of bugs, the curse of Blackwood is unfolding on not just the surviving teens, but for the whole institution. Wren, Reiko, and Stephen are still shaken by the magical discoveries about their school and the death of one of their roommates. Having witnessed too many horrors, the curse of Blackwood […]

The Pull List – Quantum and Woody #9

Still adjusting from their time in the “Otherverse”, Quantum and Woody try to make sense of there new lives. The Henderson brothers retain memories from previous versions of themselves and this new reality they are in have merged in different ways. Eric and Woody still have quantum powers, but they do not need to recharge every day […]

The Pull List – Hellboy: The Complete Short Stories Volume 2 TPB

Ever since Hellboy was made an official member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D) in the 1950’s, he took many assignments that would give him the experience to take on the villainous forces of Grigori Rasputin and the Baba Yaya. No longer a rookie agent, Hellboy would go on to face many challenging […]

The Pull List – Ninjak #10

After the clash with The Coalition, Ninjak is assigned a mission that revisits the covert history of the Ninja Programme. Colin learns about NInja-H, the 80’s era Ninja agent that fought for the United Kingdom during the Cold War. Ninja-H was an elite agent that was badly injured and was rebuilt to cyborg ninja. Given […]

The Pull List – Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #5

When Inspector Ishida and Usagi find themselves in a dead end to their investigation about the murdered Kirishitan, they turn to someone who understands the criminal ways. The two detectives find themselves asking Nezumi, a rogue ninja for help tracking down the wanted thief Oda. Nezumi owes a debt to Inspector Ishida and Usagi for clearing his name for […]

The Pull List – The Terminator: Sector Wars #1

When the Terminator was sent to 1984 to eliminate Sarah Connor, it left a destructive trail all around Los Angeles. But that wasn’t the only killer sent back in time. Skynet had sent another Terminator to New York City during the same time in an effort to eliminate a secondary target, Lucy Castro. Unaware of being […]

The Pull List – Predator: Hunters II #1

The hunt for Predators leaves the dense green jungles for the isolated mountains of Afghanistan. Still licking their wounds from battling predators in the South Pacific, the Hunters prepare for a new yautja that has made it’s presence known after an attack on a Jihadis’ base. This hunt will take the hunters to the open deserts […]

The Pull List – She Could Fly #2

Luna Brewster has been fascinated by a mysterious flying woman, who has been soaring the skies of Chicago by unknown means. But after a tragic explosion leaves the city that permanently grounds the flying woman, Luna fragile mind shatters. Filled with dreadful thoughts and unsolved questions, Luna’s obsession over the flying woman will lead her […]

The Pull List – Valiant High #4

It’s a big night for the students of Valiant High. The football team is ready to face off at their homecoming game, and the students will later be dressing their best for the dance after. Amanda McKee and Faith have their dresses and dates prepared, but there is something else is also preparing for the […]