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No Signal!

Horror movie characters have the worst luck when it comes to cell phones.

Special Guest Host

I was a special guest on the most recent episode of the Media Junkyard, check out what we talked about and where to find it.

GI Joe: Resolute

Watch the complete web series, GI Joe: Resolute, which packs more action and character development in one five minute episode than the entire movie Rise of Cobra.

I’d Buy that for a Dollar

Ctrl-Alt-Nanny “A Bumbling Nerd becomes a Nanny for a Conservative Aristocratic Family in the Feel Good Comedy of the Year“

“I’d Buy That for a Dollar”

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly movie pitch.  Using my movie plot generator I will pitch a movie to the ether of the internet.  If it makes it big just remember where it came from. Step Up 2 Da Plate “A Gangsta Rapper coaches a hapless Little League team in the heart warming […]