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Sweep the Leg!!!

Wax on, Wax off, and watch some bonus clips from the classic Karate Kid Start at the End: Johnny Lawrence vs Daniel, The final battle

Explosive Bonus Vids!!!

Not too much unfortunately in the way of youtube videos for The Marine, but here we go. Robert Patrick on his character Rome The Trailer “If I had an alter-ego it would John Triton”

I Love videos about The Wizard, they’re so bad!

You know what’s funny?  There are at least ten videos dedicated to The Wizard and yet the Jean Claude Van Damme vs Giant Penguin fight is still absent from youtube.  Did find the trailer for Sudden Death though.   Here ya go. Anyway, back to The Wizard

Die Hard… in SONG FORM

One of the many functions of this podcast is to serve as your number one stop for movie recaps. Sometimes we brainstorm different ways to do recaps, including breaking into song. Thank God we leave it to the experts, and by experts we mean GUYZ NITE. Here is their song rendition of the “Die Hard” […]

Hard Target, Harder Mullet

Hey Hey,  Another week, another slew of bonus videos.  We got some great ones this week of Jean Claude laying waste to rednecks and hunters alike. Jean Claude Van Damme: Gangsta?