EA Commentary: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Zach, Chris, Chris Ali and Ryan raid some tombs, meet ghost Jon Voight, fight giant robots and more for the November movie commentary, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

It’s Cap vs Iron Man in the First Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Captain America puts himself in the crosshairs of Iron Man when he refuses to turn over his friend Bucky aka The Winter Soldier, who has regained his memories but is wanted by the world for his attack on SHIELD.

Everything Actioncast Ep 280 “Save Us Terry Crews!”

This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe talk about mecha Egyptian gods, Zoolander, latter day Adam Sandler, the insanity of Tomb Raider, TV cancellations and premiere dates and much more.

Enter the World of Warcraft in the First Warcraft Trailer

Duncan Jones brings Activision/Blizzard’s sprawling fantasy world of Azeroth to life next Summer with the big screen adaptation of Warcraft.

Meet the Hateful Eight in the New, Full Trailer

Eight strangers are stuck in a stagecoach stop because of a blizzard and tensions are high in the upcoming 8th movie from Quentin Tarnantino, The Hateful Eight.

The New Force Awakens Trailer is Here

The latest Force Awakens gives us tons of new footage and more insight into who the new characters of Finn, Rey and Kylo Ren are.

Deadpool Trailer

Marvel’s fourth wall breaking merc is coming to the big screen next year with Deadpool, with Ryan Reynolds starring as the snarky and basically unkillable Wade Wilson.

Suicide Squad Trailer

With Superman’s arrival bringing in bigger and crazier threats, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) assembles a team of supervillains to do the government’s dirty work with the Suicide Squad, coming next August.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Seeing the destruction caused by Superman firsthand, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) decides he must put the cowl back on and stop this new threat in next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

News Shotgun 11/27

Some major TV show news with a new Riddick and Tremors show, The Mummy reboot gets a possible major boost of star power, more info on the new MST3K reboot and much more in this week’s News Shotgun.

Luther is Back for the (Possibly) Final Time in the Upcoming Special

British detective John Luther returns for one final, brutal case in the upcoming special airing on December 17th on BBC America.

Admit One 11/27

Creed and The Good Dinosaur both seem like solid picks for this holiday weekend according to the critics while Victor Frankenstein seems extremely skippable.

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Musical Montage

Musical Montage: Lemon Demon “Goosebumps”

Internet songsmith Lemon Demon crafted a slightly creepy ballad using Goosebumps books as lyrics for the, appropriately titled, “Goosebumps”.


EA at NYCC 2015: Lego Justice League: Cosmic Clash

This entry is part 7 in the series EA at NYCC 2015

The third Lego Justice League Movie, Cosmic Clash, arrives next year and we talked to voice actors Phil LaMarr and Troy Baker, along with director Rick Morales, producer Brandon Vietti and writer Jim Krieg to find out what we can expect when the League faces off against Brainiac.

Battle at the Box Office

Battle at the Box Office 10/19

Goosebumps managed to take the top spot away from The Martian over the weekend while Crimson Peak and Bridge of Spies did not do as great as previous efforts from their directors.

Trailer Park

Humans vs Aliens vs Zombies vs Vampires in Freaks of Nature

It’s Humans vs Zombies vs Aliens vs Vampires in the trailer for Freaks of Nature, arriving just in time for Halloween.


News Shotgun 10/16

Die Hard 6, two X-Men shows, Godzilla vs King Kong and a possible Moon Knight appearance in the MCU are just some of the news stories from this past week.

Admit One

Admit One 10/16

The latest movies from two of the greatest directors of all time arrive this weekend along with the return of a favorite franchise for every 90’s kid.

Trailer Park

Ratchet & Clank First Trailer is Here

Ratchet & Clank must save the galaxy with the help of the Galactic Rangers in next year’s adaptation of the amazing series of games on the PS2 and PS3.


EA at NYCC 2015: LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

This entry is part 6 in the series EA at NYCC 2015

We got the inside scoop on the next LEGO Marvel game, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, at New York Comic Con, check out the new trailer and our interview with some of the team behind it.


EA at NYCC 2015: Batman: Bad Blood

This entry is part 5 in the series EA at NYCC 2015

Check out the trailer for Batman: Bad Blood and hear from Batman himself, Jason O’Mara, as well as director Jay Oliva and more from our interviews at New York Comic Con.

Action Hero of the Week

Horror Villain of the Week: Hannibal Lecter

A cunning and manipulative serial killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter was secretly killing and eating victims while helping the FBI catch other serial killers, first working with agent Will Graham and then rookie Clarice Starling.

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