Everything Actioncast Ep 289 “Worlds Finest Crossover”

This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe talk about the ramifications of the Supergirl/Flash crossover, POV horror, Lego video games, the horrors of Edward Scissorhands, the return of The Venture Bros and much more.

Movie of the Month: City Hunter

We’re watching a deep cut in the Jackie Chan canon with our February Movie of the Month, 1993’s City Hunter.

February Movie Preview

Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth finally arrives in theaters this month along with the latest from The Coen Brothers, the return of Derek Zoolander and much more.

EA Commentary: The Rundown

For this Everything Action Commentary, Zach, Chris and Joe watched what is arguably The Rock’s best starring movie, The Rundown.

The New Suicide Squad Trailer is Here

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) assembles a team of the worst super villains in the DC Cinematic Universe, including Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), to take on deadly black ops missions as Task Force X in this summer’s Suicide Squad.

Listen All Y’All It’s Star Trek Beyond (Trailer)

The Enterprise crew are stuck on the frontier of Federation space with no ship and an evil alien played by Idris Elba threatening them in next summer’s third entry in the rebooted Star Trek series, Star Trek Beyond.

Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer #1

Twenty years after their first failed invasion, the mysterious alien species of Independence Day return for revenge in Independence Day: Resurgence

A New Challenger Arrives in the Latest Batman v Superman Trailer

Lex Luthor unleashes a new challenger into the battle between Batman and Superman in the latest trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It’s Cap vs Iron Man in the First Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Captain America puts himself in the crosshairs of Iron Man when he refuses to turn over his friend Bucky aka The Winter Soldier, who has regained his memories but is wanted by the world for his attack on SHIELD.

Enter the World of Warcraft in the First Warcraft Trailer

Duncan Jones brings Activision/Blizzard’s sprawling fantasy world of Azeroth to life next Summer with the big screen adaptation of Warcraft.

Get Your Votes in For The Purge: Election Year

After surviving The Purge: Anarchy, Frank Grillo is back and protecting an anti-Purge senator making a run for the presidency but the New Founding Fathers target her in The Purge: Election Year.

Action Hero of the Week: Tom Cody

Returning home on behalf of his sister, mercenary Tom Cody heads to the wrong side of town to rescue his ex-girlfriend Ellen Aim from the ruthless Bombers biker gang and their leader, Raven.

New Release Round Up 2/9

Although it’s not the best Bond, Spectre is probably the best thing out this week but there’s also Crimson Peak, Pokemon and Star Trek collections and more.

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Worst of 2015: Zach’s Bottom Five Movies

There were ton of great movies this year but there were also some massive duds and here are Zach’s picks for the five worst movies of 2015.

Other Stuff

January Movie Preview

An extremely mixed bag of movies to kick off 2016 including a pair of horror movies, the latest from Michael Bay, the expansion of two critically acclaimed dramas, comedies like Ride Along 2 and much more.


Review: Point Break (2015)

Joining the long list of unnecessary remakes, the new Point Break lacks any of the charm or fun of the original as Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez) and his team of pseudo-environmental bros try to achieve the legendary “Ozaki 8” series of extreme stunts that results in them pulling heists, which brings them to the attention of FBI agent, Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey)


Best of 2015: Zach’s Top Ten Movies

Zach gives his pick for the top ten movies of 2015, a year which brought back a ton of beloved franchises like Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Mad Max.

Musical Montage

Musical Montage: David Hasselhoff “True Survivor”

The perfect choice to match the awesomely cheesy vibe of Kung Fury, David Hasselhoff provides the theme song, True Survivor.

Battle at the Box Office

Battle at the Box Office 12/28

The Force Awakens continued to shatter records as it crossed $1 billion worldwide and had the highest second weekend of all time.

Admit One

Admit One 12/25

A bunch of new movies hits theaters for Christmas, including the remake of Point Break, potential Oscar contenders like Concussion, Joy and The Big Short and the reteam of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg with Daddy’s Home.

Trailer Park

Holy Chimichangas! It’s Two New Deadpool Trailers!

Gather the family and unwrap your Christmas present from Uncle Deadpool, two brand new trailers for February’s hilarious and fantastic looking big screen debut of the Merc with A Mouth.

Everything Actioncast

EA Reviewcast: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

For the latest Everything Action Reviewcast, Zach, Chris and special guest Gio dive deep into the most anticipated movie of the year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Trailer Park

It’s a Duel in the Desert in Desierto (Trailer)

A group of immigrants trying to cross into the US are hunted by a vicious vigilante (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in next year’s thriller Desierto, directed by Jonas Cuaron, son of Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron.

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