Centurion Trailer

A bunch of Roman Legionaries find themselves out numbered behind enemy lines in the latest movie from Neill Marshall.

The Jack Attack: Hour 8

Jack finds himself in a familiar but not very pleasant situation when he comes face to face with Sergei and his men.

New Release Round Up 2/16

An interesting mix of movies this week out on DVD including a documentary about hair, robotic daughters and the return of Blaxploitation.

Admit One 2/12

A couple of potentially strong contenders are out this weekend betting on their hype and star power to take them to number 1.

Review: The Keeper

We take a look at one of Seagal’s recent DTV efforts with the “Man on Fire” inspired The Keeper.

Repo Men Trailer

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker star in this upcoming action movie as a pair of Repo Men who specialize in taking back artificial organs from people who don’t pay.