Ultimate Action Heroes quotes video

Found this while surfing the net today and it was too cool not to post.  It’s over 9 minutes of action hero one-liners said, usually, before kicking ass.  It’s given me some great ideas for season 3.  Enjoy!

KAMPC in PiQ Magazine!

Coming mid-May, you can catch a quick interview with the KICK ASS movie podcast crew on this year’s summer movies in PiQ Magazine. PiQ is a “monthly publication covering genre entertainment, ranging from anime to movies to comics to music, and the fan culture surrounding it.” Read about past movies we’ve enjoyed, our favorite upcoming […]

TP: Trailers that… aren’t so good

Another week and not a lot of good trailers, probably due to the fact that we’re a month till the summer movie extravaganza. Till then we’re just going to have to make due with what we have. The Love Guru

“You just have to feel these bonus videos, accept their energy”

Thanks Bodhi! Man, are you guys in for a treat today because thanks to the awesomeness that is Hulu we are able to give you Point Break in all it’s glory. All the quotes, all the president’s mask, all the surfing and all the Busey you can handle. But a couple other videos first: Playing […]

TP: Controversy with a side of Kung Fu

This week in the Trailer Park we have some controversy, one of the biggest team ups since Heat, the most ADD trailer ever and graphic novel craziness. “Controversy of the Week”: Fanboys

Single Riders Charity

Our buddy and fellow podcaster Erik over at Theme Park Thrill wanted us to pass along some information about a great charity that he’s helping head up, Single Riders. They’re raising money for “Give Kids the World” by riding roller coasters, awesome. Check out the info after the break.

Happy Easter

Hey everybody,  If you’re done gorging yourself on chocolate, the Kick Ass Movie Podcast presents the answer to the age old question of “What does the Easter Bunny do for the rest of the year?”