iTunes Comment Contest!

As announced on this week’s show (“The Last Starfighter”), we are holding a contest on the best comment on our podcast in the iTunes Music Store.

Valentine’s Day means one thing…Indiana Jones

Forget all the mushy bullshit and strap yourself in for the first official trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He’s still a smartass, he’s still got the whip and he still kicks ass. Check it out and let us know what you think about it.

We are the Champions

of bonus videos that is. Well, it’s Wednesday, the Giants pulled off the upset, and it’s time for some great sports movie videos. Gordon Bombay meets the Ducks:

Exclusive: Rob Schneider is…

We’ve made the joke a bunch of times on the show but if you’re not sure where the reference comes from then check out the following video. Matt Stone and Trey Parker show why they are the best in the business of satire and parody as they expose the formula of Rob Schneider’s movies. [MEDIA=9]

Who died and made you f***ing king of the zombies?

Cheerio everybody and welcome to the first bonus video post of 2008. We got zombies, slackers, cops, criminals and all the British accents you can handle. Let’s get this lorry moving with Shaun of the Dead. Trailer:

Bonus: Superbad DVD Extra

It took a lot of pondering and contemplating, but we finally hammered out 15 whopping categories for our Kick Ass Awards. One category I considered was the “Best DVD Extra”, which would be chock-filled with fantastic DVD extras from 2007’s DVD releases. My choice would be “Everyone Hates Michael Cera”, from the Superbad DVD. It’s […]

And the Winner is…

You’ll have to scroll down to the bottom for the big winners but almost everyone was a winner when it came to movies this year. You might even say it “kicked ass”, speaking of which here’s a video filled look at the Kick Ass Awards 2007. Best Product Placement: Transformers