TP: Adrenaline Overload!

Hey everybody, hope you all survived Friday the 13th without any bad luck or hockey mask wearing hooligans trying to kill you. Anyway, a bunch of new trailers are out this week, including two from Jason “I will beat myself in over the topness” Statham. Let’s get it on!

Trailer Park: Red Bandapalooza

This week in the Trailer Park; Two new red band trailers for The Happening and Tropic Thunder, A new Hulk trailer, City of Ember and the teaser for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. The Happening

TP: Rock the Night

After a couple weeks break we are Back in Black with a bunch of great new trailers. So don’t Run to the Hills but stay and check them out, and all the other kick-ass stuff we have to offer. The Rocker

PiQ Magazine Mention

It won’t be out for another few weeks, but the June 2008 issue of PiQ Magazine contains a blurb from your lovely hosts about summer movies: The issue is Issue 3, June 2008 with Speed Racer on the cover. The blurb is on page 20. EDIT (5/13/08): Just got confirmation that the issue is out […]

Summer Movie Blowout

So we are a week from the start of Summer Movie season 2008 with “how could it not kick ass?” Iron Man and from there there’s a bunch to look forward to. Let’s take a quick run through, shall we? Iron Man, May 2: Speed Racer, May 9:

Hurry along Mr. Mallory!

Wednesday, Hump Day to some people, bonus video day to us. Today we take a look at the awesomeness that was the first two and half seasons of Sliders. Everybody through the gateway! Come Sail Away with the Sliders:

Ultimate Action Heroes quotes video

Found this while surfing the net today and it was too cool not to post.  It’s over 9 minutes of action hero one-liners said, usually, before kicking ass.  It’s given me some great ideas for season 3.  Enjoy!

KAMPC in PiQ Magazine!

Coming mid-May, you can catch a quick interview with the KICK ASS movie podcast crew on this year’s summer movies in PiQ Magazine. PiQ is a “monthly publication covering genre entertainment, ranging from anime to movies to comics to music, and the fan culture surrounding it.” Read about past movies we’ve enjoyed, our favorite upcoming […]