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Everything Action Theater: The Delta Force

Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin lead a special ops rescue mission when Lebanese terrorists hijack a plane in the 1986 Cannon Films classic, The Delta Force, which you can watch in full right here.

Action Hero of the Week: Mark Kaminsky

Former FBI agent Mark Kaminsky is given a shot to be reinstated at the agency by going undercover to single handedly dismantle the Patrovita mob in 1986’s “Raw Deal”

Auto Pilot: The Real Ghostbusters

Debuting 2 years after the original Ghostbusters movie, The Real Ghostbusters continued the adventures of NYC’s premiere paranormal exterminators.

Musical Montage: Cameo “Word Up”

Cameo was apparently so funky in 1986 that they were some sort of public nuisance so the police, led by Levar Burton, arrive to arrest them in the video for Word Up.