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Musical Montage: UHF

After a week of amazing new music videos, today is the 25th anniversary of Weird Al’s cult comedy classic, UHF, which obviously had a fantastic soundtrack album from the man himself.

Lethal Weapon 2 Trivia Has Diplomatic Immunity

Lethal Weapon 2 exploded into theaters 25 years ago today and found Riggs and Murtaugh up against ruthless South African diplomats. Read on for some behind the scenes info and trivia for this action classic.

Action Hero of the Week: Ah Jong

Trying to do one last job to help the woman he loves get eye surgery, hitman Ah Jong is betrayed by his Triad bosses and must team with a cop to survive.

EA Commentary: Tango & Cash

With Stallone getting into a mismatched partnership this weekend in Bullet to the Head, the crew of Zach, Chris and Joe go back to 1989 for another classic pairing in Tango & Cash, with Stallone teaming up with Kurt Russell.