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Action Hero of the Week: Ghost

The sole survivor of a Viking expedition attacked by native warriors, Ghost is adopted by the natives and defends his new people when the vikings return looking to conquest.

Action Hero of the Week: Jack Conrad

Saved from execution in a Salvadoran prison, Jack Conrad is put in a potentially worse situation when he’s forced to battle nine other dangerous cons from around the world in a battle royale streaming live to the Internet.

Action Hero of the Week: John Crawford

FBI agent John Crawford is on the trail of the deadly assasin Rogue, who seems to be playing the Yakuza and Triad crime families against each other for his own means.

Enter the Asylum: Transmorphers

The Asylum threw everything they had into their mockbuster of the first Michael Bay Transformers movie and the result is the futuristic sci fi “epic”, Transmorphers.

Musical Montage: “Sweep the Leg” by No More Kings

It would probably would have been cool enough that No More Kings’ song “Sweep the Leg” was based on The Karate Kid but they not only got Billy Zabka aka Johnny to direct their video but he also starred and there are cameos from pretty much the entire cast.