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EA Commentary: Santa with Muscles

To celebrate the holidays, Zach, Chris, Chris A and Asa settle in for the only Christmas movie to feature an amnesiac Hulk Hogan, Santa with Muscles

Musical Montage: Dumb and Dumber

Some of the biggest bands of 90’s alt-rock came together for the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack including Butthole Surfers, Crash Test Dummies and The Proclaimers.

Horror Villain of the Week: Ghostface

Our annual horror villain take over of Action Hero of the Week during October kicks off with the arguably the best villain of the 90’s, Ghostface from the Scream quadrilogy.

Robin Williams 1951-2014

The acting world lost another legendary figure yesterday when the news came out that Robin Williams committed suicide. It’s a tragic loss of a man who brought so much to both the comedic and dramatic side of movies.