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Musical Montage: Dr. Lucien Sanchez “One Track Lover”

2004’s Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace was full of brilliant and hilariously weird sequences but one of the best occured in the sixth and final episode when the episode turns into an 80s music video for the synth jam “One Track Lover”.

Adult Swim Gets Brutal With Primal

The creator of Samurai Jack is back on Adult Swim this fall with a brutal looking new show called Primal, which follows a caveman trying to survive in the savage world of the past.

The Pull List – Rick and Morty Volume 8

Gothic vampires, street gangs, an alien hunger game style reality tv show and more are presented in┬áRick and Morty Volume 8, the collection of Rick and Morty comics issues #36-40. These comics perfectly preserve the same whacky hijinks and off-beat humor that made the TV show a popular hit series. This collection contains Let The […]

Auto Pilot: Samurai Jack

Setting the tone for incredible action and masterful visual storytelling right off the bat, the first episode of Samurai Jack features the return of the evil demon wizard Aku, Jack’s lifelong training around the world and what was supposed to be the first and final battle between the two foes.