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Nocturnal Animals Trailer

Amy Adams’s Susan Morrow receives a manuscript from her vengeful ex-husband that contains a story following a father (Jake Gyllenhaal) whose family is brutally attacked along a Texas road in Tom Ford’s upcoming thriller, Nocturnal Animals.

Action Hero of the Week: Jack Harper

After a devastating war with an alien race, Jack Harper and his partner Vika are part of the effort to gather energy and fight the remaining aliens while the rest of humanity gets ready to migrate to Titan.

News Shotgun 5/23

First look at Warcraft, a bunch of sequels got announced, two new Nic Cage movies and much more in this week’s News Shotgun.

Birdman Trailer

Michael Keaton’s latest role hits close to home as he plays an actor best known for playing a superhero in the upcoming black comedy, Birdman.

Review: Oblivion

Joseph Kosinski follow up Tron: Legacy with the equally impressive looking Oblivion, but the story and pacing are still not a level to complement the gorgeous visuals.