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Musical Montage: Batmetal by ArhyBES

Like peanut butter and chocolate, Batman and Dethklok come together in animator ArhyBES’ “Batmetal” videos which finds the Dark Knight and his team rocking out to Dethklok songs Face Fisted and Murmaider.

Mercs Trailer

A group of mercenaries are sent to a heavily guarded fortress to take down a ruthless villain in the upcoming indie action movie, Mercs.

Review: Frozen

After it’s foray into all things video games last year with Wreck it Ralph, Disney is back in it’s comfort zone with the princess adventure, Frozen, based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale, “The Ice Queen”.

Superman Unbound Trailer Arrives!

The trailer for DC Animation’s forthcoming “Superman Unbound” is now online! Based on the popular “Brainiac” comic arc, “Superman Unbound” goes Silver Age!
on January 31, 2013