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april 2017

Armie Hammer Takes A Wrong Step in Mine (Trailer)

Trying to get out after a failed sniper mission, a Marine (played by Armie Hammer), stumbles into a minefield and gets trapped by one of the mines, forcing him to stay in one spot for 52 hours until a convoy is near enough to rescue him.

Anne Hathaway is a Monster in Colossal (Trailer)

When a giant monster starts appearing halfway around the world, a woman (Anne Hathaway) slowly realizes the creature is somehow mimicking her movements in the latest from Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalando.

Street Magic Becomes Real in Sleight (Trailer)

Bo, a talented street magician, turns out to have actual super powers and has to use them to rescue his little sister when local drug dealer Angelo (Dule Hill) kidnaps her in retaliation for Bo trying to leave his crew.

Emma Watson Tries to Escape The Circle (Trailer)

Emma Watson seemingly lands her dream job at powerful tech company The Circle but as she ascends the company ladder, she sees how much control the company has over it’s users and their private information.