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Review: Arrested Development Season 4

Something most fans thought would never happen finally did this weekend as 15 new episodes of Arrested Development arrived on Netflix for the fourth season. Was it worth the wait or should we have just stuck with the original three seasons?

Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer

The day we all thought would never happen is here in two weeks as Arrested Development returns for a fourth season on Netflix and the first trailer is finally here.

News Shotgun 12/14

This week in the News Shotgun we have some casting news, AMC reairing The Walking Dead in black & white, Top Gun coming back in 3D, The Asylum finally gets sued and much more.

News Shotgun 11/2

The big news this week was obviously the buying of Lucasfilm by Disney but there was a ton of other news this week including some plot details revealed, directing and casting news and release dates for some highly anticipated comedy returns.

News Shotgun 8/24

News this week about The Office closing it’s doors, a couple of reboots in the works, a team of female Expendables might be assembled and another villain is up against Thor in Thor: The Dark World.

Know Your “That Guy”: John Michael Higgins

A Christopher Guest regular, John Michael Higgins shows up all over the place in movies and TV shows like Arrested Development, Community, Walk Hard, Yes Man, Fun with Dick and Jane, The Ugly Truth and Bad Teacher.