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august 2016

The Mind’s Eye is Retro 80’s Horror (Trailer)

Two people with psychokinetic powers escape from the clutches of a crazed evil doctor who wants to steal their powers for himself in the upcoming horror movie The Mind’s Eye, which seems like a throwback to 80’s style horror.

Pete’s Dragon is Revealed in the Full Trailer

Disney is continuing their trend of rebooting all their classic movies with a new take on Pete’s Dragon, where Pete is a boy who has survived in the woods of the Pacific Northwest for six years seemingly by himself.

Look Down the Scope for Sniper: Ghost Shooter (Trailer)

The sixth(?!) movie in the Sniper franchise finds Billy Zane’s character Richard Miller teaming up with the son of Tom Berenger’s character, who’s continuing his father’s sniper legacy, on a mission from Dennis Haysbert to take down a dangerous terrorist leader.