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Pacific Rim Trailer

Giant Robots take on Giant Monsters in the amazing looking Summer 2013 blockbuster from Guillermo Del Toro, Pacific Rim.

Musical Montage: Queen “Flash’s Theme”

Perhaps the greatest theme song ever, Flash’s Theme should be on the top of your list for what you would want your personal theme music to be and you can check out the official music video right here.

Wreck It Ralph Trailer

If you have any love of classic video games, Disney Animation’s latest, Wreck It Ralph should be on your most anticipated list as a classic arcade villain tries to become a hero in other games and crosses paths with tons of classic characters.

Evolution of the Batmobile

Check out this exhaustive visual history of the Batmobile and hear us talk about it and other movie cars on this week’s podcast.

The Expendables Trailer

The first trailer leaked out for The Expendables and it looks to be bringing back the awesomeness of 80’s action movies.