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Victoria Trailer

Making waves at various festivals, upcoming bank heist thriller Victoria was shot all in one take.

Operator Trailer

Ving Rhames is a mysterious caller who kidnaps a 911 operator’s daughter, forcing her and her ex-husband, a cop, into increasingly dangerous situations in next year’s thriller, Operator.

Action Hero of the Week: James Cullen

After getting out of prison, James “Driver” Cullen immediately sets out to take down everyone on a list of names who were involved in putting him behind bars and killing his brother.

Drive Hard Trailer

Tom Jane is a former race car driver turned driving instructor, who becomes the unwilling getaway driver for his latest client, who turns out to be a bank robber.

30 Minutes or Less Trailer

Following up Zombieland, director Ruben Fleischer reteams with Jesse Eisenberg for the heist comedy 30 Minutes or Less.