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New Release Round Up 12/4

One of the best movies of the year is out this week with The Dark Knight Rises, along with a ton of other new releases.

New Release Round Up 11/6

The Collector’s Edition of They Live is here to kick ass and chew bubblegum…and it’s all out of bubblegum.

New Release Round Up 10/22

Not a whole lot coming out this week but a brand new edition of Blade Runner is out to celebrate the movie’s 30th anniversary.

New Release Round Up 10/16

The phenomenal fifth season of Mad Men is our pick of the week this week along with a bunch of other new releases.

New Release Round Up 9/25

There’s tons of stuff coming out this week including every Bond movie on Blu Ray, part 1 of The Dark Knight Returns and our Pick of the Week, The Avengers.

Dead in Tombstone Trailer

Danny Trejo trying to save his soul by killing the men who betrayed him, led by Anthony Michael Hall, for the Devil, played by Mickey Rourke? Shut up and take my money.