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Welcome to the Double Deuce

The kind of place where blood is on the floor every night. Fortunately the world’s greatest bouncer, Dalton, shows up to clean up the mess. Let’s take a look at Dalton’s brand of philosophy and ass kicking.

The Kick Ass Awards…Now in Video Form.

Due to vacations and general Holiday craziness we weren’t able to get any bonus videos up for our Kick Ass Awards last week.  Well, the wait is over because those videos are listed below.  Let’s give a hearty round of applause to all the winners. Best Steven Seagal Direct to DVD Movie: The Onion Movie

Shall We Watch Some Videos?

Wednesday means it’s time for some bonus videos.  Thankfully there’s a lot more videos for WarGames then Man on Fire last week so let’s get into it. Trailer:

Videos on Fire

It’s Wednesday and it’s another edition of bonus videos. It’s been a little tough finding videos but here’s what I managed to find. Trailer:

Simon Says watch these videos.

Noncompliance will result in a penalty.  Nah, I’m just joking…or am I?  Yeah, I am.  Enough of that nonsense let’s get to some videos: Trailers: