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Editorial: Hey Internet, Cap’s Not Gay

There’s been a lot of Twitter campaigning and think pieces recently about things like Elsa in Frozen 2 and the new Ghostbusters but this latest attempt to get Marvel to turn Cap gay is too much.

Admit One 5/6

The only new movie this weekend happens to be possibly the best Marvel movie ever with Captain America: Civil War

Review: Captain America: Civil War

After 8 years, the MCU shows no signs of stopping with maybe the best movie yet in the franchise, Captain America: Civil War, as Captain America and Iron Man go to war over both UN oversight for The Avengers and the fate of Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.

EA Reviewcast: Ant-Man

Zach, Chris and special guest Gio dive deep into the microscopic world of Ant-Man for the latest Everything Action Reviewcast.

Action Hero of the Week: Peggy Carter

During and after World War II, Peggy Carter proves herself as one of the best, most ass kicking, heroes in the MCU as she works to take down organizations like Hydra and Leviathan as an agent of the SSR.