Action Hero of the Week: Garret Smith

Investigating a pair of feuding Mormon brothers, reporter Garret Smith finds himself unraveling a conspiracy perpetrated by the Colorado Water Company.

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Everything Actioncast Ep 184 “Defenders Assemble”

This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe talk about what they want from the Marvel/Netflix shows, dig some juicy bits out of the Man of Steel Q/A, Jason Statham playing Daniel Craig, Charles Bronson’s ineffective sleuthing, Thor vs Thor: The Dark World and much more.

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Everything Alcohol: Messager of Death

This entry is part 1 in the series Everything Alcohol

We performed our first online drinking game hangout while watching Charles Bronson punch-solve a Mormon murder conspiracy.

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Everything Action Commentary: Gymkata

Here’s the first of what are hopefully going to be many Everything Action movie commentaries. For the inaugural commentary, Zach, Chris and Joe watched the 1985 cult classic, Gymkata, starring gymnastic superstar, Kurt Thomas.

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News Shotgun 2/3

Tons of news this week including details about a bunch of sequels, Joe Carnahan remaking Death Wish, images from Dredd and Skyfall and much more.

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Action Hero of the Week: Arthur Bishop

Someone has to fix the problems and that someone is Arthur Bishop, mechanic/hitman for hire.

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Everything Actioncast Ep. 64 “Ghost Protocol Initiated”

This week Brian, Zach and Chris discuss Unknown, Falling Skies, Burn Notice, a bunch of new trailers including the awesome new Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol trailer and much more.

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Everything Actioncast Ep. 42 “BANE!”

This week the guys talk about the wonderful 70′sness of Charles Bronson and The Mechanic, Tom Hardy as Bane and famous movie Hitmen.

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The Mechanic Live Blog *Archived*

Continuing the trend of new features for 2011, be here at 8 PM EST on 1/19/2011 for Everything Action’s live blog of the original Mechanic, starring Charles Bronson and available on Netflix Instant Watch.

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The Mechanic Trailer

Jason Statham stars in a remake of the Charles Bronson hitman thriller, The Mechanic, coming out this January.

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