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EA Commentary: Mortal Kombat

The winner of our So Bad It’s Good tournament, Zach, Chris, and Chris Ali watched 1995’s Mortal Kombat, probably the greatest video game to movie adaptation, for the latest Everything Action commentary.

Musical Montage: Vanilla Ice “I Love You”

Directed by none other than Michael Bay, “I Love You” was the unsuccessful follow up to the juggernaut of Ice, Ice Baby, where Vanilla Ice completely shifted gears and tried to do a sincere, romantic slow jam with the terrible results you might expect.

Musical Montage: Sunny BlueSkyes “Night Trap Theme”

Bizarrely controversial and insanely cheesy, Night Trap was a 90’s FMV game that tasked you with clearing rooms of vampiric creatures called Augers but, in doing so, you missed amazing sequences like the performance of the game’s theme song by the girls attending a slumber party.

EA Commentary: American Ninja

To celebrate the Fourth of July, Zach, Chris, Joe and special guest, Asa, watch an 80’s “classic” with American right in the name, American Ninja.

Phantasm V Trailer

The Tall Man and his deadly silver spheres return after 15 years with the upcoming fifth entry in the Phantasm series.

Musical Montage: MacGruber

With a soundtrack to rival any of the cheesy 80’s action movies it’s parodying, MacGruber features songs from the likes of Mr. Mister and Eddie Money along with original songs from their resident songbird, Vicki St. Elmo (Kristen Wiig).