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Admit One 11/3

The highest rated superhero movie of the year is now Thor: Ragnarok, which is finally out this weekend alongside the Christmas themed sequel to Bad Moms.

Action Hero of the Week: Nicholas Hathaway

Enlisted from prison by an international task force, former hacker Nick Hathaway has to help track a dangerous rogue hacker who is committing escalating cybercrimes around the globe.

Chris Hemsworth Goes to War in 12 Strong (Trailer)

Based on true, declassified events, 12 Strong follows the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11, whose mission is to gain the trust of the Northern Alliance fighters to gain their support against the Taliban.

Review: Ghostbusters

After months of insane back and forth between haters and defenders of the new Ghostbusters, none of whom had actually seen the movie, I can say after seeing it that it’s a fun, hilarious comedy that won’t supplant the original but is still definitely worth checking out. Although the skeleton of the plot is similar […]

Admit One 12/11

A pair of true stories compete at the box office this weekend as Legend expands wide against In the Heart of the Sea.