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Action Hero of the Week: Ghost

The sole survivor of a Viking expedition attacked by native warriors, Ghost is adopted by the natives and defends his new people when the vikings return looking to conquest.

Action Hero of the Week: Phil Broker

Former DEA agent Phil Broker is trying to make a new life for him and his daughter but he gets on the wrong side of local meth dealer Gator Bodine and a gang of bikers.

Action Hero of the Week: Ichabod Crane

Saved from death by a spell cast by his wife Katrina, Ichabod Crane awakens in modern day Sleepy Hollow and joins forces with local police officer Abbie Mills to stop the demonic forces who are trying to wipe out humanity.

Musical Montage: Buckaroo Banzai

Buckaroo Banzai wears many hats: surgeon, physicist, secret agent and also rock star. He and his crew, the Hong Kong Cavaliers are always ready to play in the hottest clubs the 80’s has to offer with their uniquely jazzy tunes.

Know Your “That Guy”: Clancy Brown

Probably best known as The Kurgan from Highlander, Clancy Brown had lended his deep voice to tons of video games and cartoons and has appeared in movie like Starship Troopers and, most recently, Cowboys & Aliens.

Review: Cowboys & Aliens

Jon Favreau’s latest summer blockbuster is a mash-up of the western and sci fi genres but does the mash up work or does it result in a mess?