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Horror Villain of the Week: Gill-man

This month’s take over by the Universal Monsters comes to a close with the only underwater monster of the group, The Creature from the Black Lagoon aka Gill-Man.

Ender’s Game Trailer

The original novel of Ender’s Game is considered a sci fi classic by many and it seems like the upcoming movie version wants to compete head to head with The Hunger Games, despite their drastically different tones and themes.

A Christmas Story 2 Trailer

The latest addition to the long list of sequels that both should not exist and are coming out a ridiculous amount of time after the original is A Christmas Story 2, which finds teenage Ralphie hoping for a car for Christmas.

Everything Action Theater: Halloween

Just in time for this weekend, watch the classic slasher film with the holiday right in it’s name with John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic, Halloween.

Coyote Falls Cartoon

Debuting this summer, Coyote Falls was the first of a bunch of Warner Bros. CG Looney Tunes cartoons.