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Death Orb

The Pull List – Death Orb #5

Carvell’s daring sabotage on the power grid leaves Father’s mechanical defensives offline. But Father is not beaten yet, he has a tower of loyal guards watching over him. Recovered from their transportation wreck, Pilot and the Ninja make their way to Father’s fortress, while the Rider sneaks inside on his own. But hot on the Rider’s […]

The Pull List – Death Orb #4

The cult leader Father has summoned the massive orb station in space to crash upon the Earth surface, obliterating life on the planet to be rebuilt in his image. As the countdown for a new apocalypse begins, Rider and his companions rush to the Father’s city fortress to stop the destruction, but must first find a […]

The Pull List – Death Orb #3

The Rider and Carvell attempt to rescue Pilot, a young telepathic and brilliant engineer, from a group of marauders sent by Father. After fighting their way to Pilot’s hideout, they are met with a Ninja, who is standing guard and ready for a fight. To complicate the situation, another wave of marauders are fast approaching their position. […]

The Pull List – Death Orb #2

The Rider awakens to find himself captured by a group of survivors hiding in the wastelands. The group’s leader, Carvell, carefully listens to the Rider and determines he is not a threat to their safety. In fact, the Rider’s mission to hunt down Father is something the group is willing to aid and ask the […]

The Pull List – Death Orb #1

In the dark and violent future, the wastelands of the world will be controlled by the power hungry warlords and vicious minions terrorizing the roads. One man, Rider, a tough-talking and ax-wielding lone survivors journeys through the decaying ruins of North America. Rider is on a mission to stop Father, a cult leader reigning over the lands […]