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Hellions Trailer

A young girl is stalked on Halloween night by a group of demonic trick r treaters who want her unborn baby in the upcoming horror movie, Hellions.

Action Hero of the Week: John Grimm

Sent to investigate a distress signal on Mars, John Grimm and his squad find themselves up against mutated monsters and eventually, each other, in the movie version of Doom.

Sinister 2 Trailer

The demon Bughuul returns looking to corrupt more children in this summer’s horror sequel, Sinister 2.

Demonic Trailer

Frank Grillo and Maria Bello are called in to a brutal crime scene where the only survivor claims demons are to blame in the upcoming, James Wan produced, horror movie, Demonic.

Action Hero of the Week: Ichabod Crane

Saved from death by a spell cast by his wife Katrina, Ichabod Crane awakens in modern day Sleepy Hollow and joins forces with local police officer Abbie Mills to stop the demonic forces who are trying to wipe out humanity.

New Release Round Up 11/11

You can grab some Burt Reynolds classics, the 25th anniversary edition of UHF, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and our Pick of the Week, Batman 66 The Complete Series, as just some of the New Releases out this week.