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New Release Round Up 4/29

Japan’s other favorite monster (and friend to children), Gamera, has a ton of collections out this week along with a couple recent movies.

Battle at the Box Office 1/27

Ride Along stayed on top this past weekend while I, Frankenstein crashed and burned despite being the only new release of the weekend.

Admit One 1/17

Four new movies out this weekend but the only one with somewhat positive reviews is Jack Ryan.

January Movie Preview

January is usually a slow month but there’s a couple big movies expanding, like Her and Lone Survivor, and things like Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit coming out as well.

Devil’s Due Trailer

The directing collective Radio Silence from VHS is back for a full length found footage horror movie, Devil’s Due, where a young recently married couple is getting ready for their first child but things quickly get out of hand when it seems like the baby might be the Antichrist.