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Everything Actioncast Ep 339 “Motherlovin’ Blacklist”

This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe pay tribute to Bill Paxton, discuss the actual plot of La La Land, the weird sexual tension between Tom Keene and his mom on The Blacklist: Redemption, Hacksaw Ridge, the original Dirty Harry, the Nemesis system and much more.

Review: Blitz

Released earlier this year in theaters in the UK, Jason Statham’s latest, Blitz, surprisingly arrives direct to DVD here in the states. Is that release strategy a sign of it’s quality?

New Release Round Up 8/23

A super slow week for new releases but there is the Jason Statham movie Blitz, released in theaters in the UK but arrives direct to DVD here in the US.

Action Hero of the Week: Frank Horrigan

What would happen if Dirty Harry was a Secret Service agent? You’d have Frank Horrigan, whose trying to stop an insane Presidential assassin in “In The Line of Fire”.

Blitz Trailer

Jason Statham is after a vicious cop killer in his new movie Blitz.

Everything Actioncast Ep. 23 “Karl Urbane”

This week the trio of Zach, Chris and Joe discuss The X-Files, who they would want Ash to fight in Evil Dead 4, the appropriate level of buffness for Judge Dredd and their favorite versions of Satan in movies and TV.