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Review: Geostorm

Despite it’s ridiculous premise and crazy trailers, Geostorm is mostly a boring slog of a disaster action movie with nothing you haven’t seen done bigger and better in other disaster movies.

Action Hero of the Week: Ray Gaines

Despite possibly the largest earthquake in history hitting the West Coast, rescue pilot Ray Gaines engages in a land, sea and air assault to rescue his daughter Blake from the ruins of San Fransisco.

Review: San Andreas

The Rock literally takes on the Earth itself as he fights his way through earthquake ravaged Los Angeles and San Fransisco to rescue his wife and daughter in the new disaster movie, San Andreas.

San Andreas Trailer

After a massive 9.0 earthquake devastates most of California, a search and rescue helicopter pilot (The Rock) and his estranged wife must try to get from LA to San Fransisco to rescue their daughter in next summer’s disaster movie, San Andreas.

Battle at the Box Office 1/28

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters took the top spot at the box office this weekend despite multiple delays and mediocre reviews while the latest from Statham and a star studded comedy both bombed.

Unstoppable Trailer

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine join forces to stop a runaway train full of dangerous chemicals in the latest Tony Scott movie.