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Gamebox 2.0: Games of March 2020

Like everyone else, we’ve been staying inside and checking out games like Double Dragon & Kunio-Kun: Retro Brawler Bundle, Spaceland, Skul: The Hero Slayer and Billion Road for the latest Gamebox 2.0.

Know Your “That Guy”: Mark Dacascos

Probably best known as the Chairman on Iron Chef America, martial artist Mark Dacascos has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows like Double Dragon, Cradle 2 the Grave and Hawaii Five-0.

Everything Actioncast Ep. 99 “Netflix Recommends…”

This week Zach, Chris and Joe talk about the recent Netflix instant watching library shakeups, the latest Avengers trailer, the insanity of 80’s Flash Gordon, the Double Dragon cartoon, weird Netflix recommendation categories, Steampunk Batman and much more.