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For ISIS Eyes Only: White Elephant

Archer is back for it’s fifth, game changing, season and Everything Action will be there each and every week with our latest recap feature, For ISIS Eyes Only.

Review: Homefront

Jason Statham just wants to live a quiet life in small town Louisiana with his daughter but his past as an undercover agent is discovered by local criminal James Franco, who puts a deal in motion with some bikers with a vendetta in the Stallone written action movie, Homefront.

Ambushed Trailer

Randy Couture takes on Dolph Lundgren with Vinnie Jones lurking in the middle in the upcoming action movie, Ambushed.

When You’re A Spy: Bitter Pill

James tasks the Burn Notice team with protecting a visiting dignitary but they are soon in a race against time when they have to find the antidote after he is poisoned.

Snitch Trailer

The Rock must try to save his son from going to jail by dealing with some dangerous drug dealers in the upcoming thriller, Snitch.

End of Watch Trailer

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena are LAPD partners who are trying to take down a vicious drug cartel in End of Watch.