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Know Your “That Guy”: Garret Dillahunt

Although he’s probably best known now for his comedy work on Raising Hope, Garret Dillahunt has usually played creepy or deceptively nice psychopaths in a number of shows and movies.

Know Your “That Guy”: Armand Assante

Going to toe to toe with Stallone, and portraying his clone brother, in Judge Dredd was just one of the many roles of Armand Assante, who is able to easily portray a number of different nationalities, usually as a villain.

Know Your “That Guy”: Dan Hedaya

Dan Hedaya Born: July 24, 1940 Number of Roles: 127 Best Known for Playing: Villains, over bearing fathers, bosses First Appearance: Herbie Towers on Ryan’s Hope (1976) Most Recent Appearance: Bernie Sullivan on Person of Interest (2011) Can Be Seen/Heard in: Commando Blood Simple Mulholland Dr. The Usual Suspects Yes Dear Robots ER Swimfan Strangers […]

Know Your “That Guy”: Alan Dale

Usually playing a humorless, intimidating businessman, Alan Dale has showed up in a ton of TV shows over the years; Most notably Lost as villain Charles Widmore and 24 as the scheming Vice President Prescott.