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News Shotgun 8/16

Tons of delays and schedule shuffling this week along with a bunch of announced and confirmations on sequels like Bad Boys 3 and TMNT 2, more stars join Westworld, a new Silent HIll game and much more in the News Shotgun.

Everything Action Theater: Evil Dead 2

With Army of Darkness 2 on the way and a great remake of the original earlier this year, it’s the perfect time to revisit Evil Dead 2, which you can watch in full right here thanks to Hulu.

News Shotgun 3/15

Veronica Mars destroys Kickstarter, Jurassic Park 4 has a director, Karl Urban starring in a futuristic cop show for Fox and JJ Abrams and much more in this week’s News Shotgun.

Everything Actioncast Ep 150 “Ash vs Godzilla”

This week on the podcast, Zach and Joe hold down the fort while Chris is touring the East Coast convention scene and talk about the future of Evil Dead, Godzilla’s illustrious cast, RZA taking Man with the Iron Fists too seriously, AMC’s new streaming service, Karl Urban in anything and much more.

Evil Dead Trailer

The Evil Dead series is one of the most beloved cult favorites so this new remake feels a little unnecessary, especially since it seems to be removing the charm and humor that the originals had in favor of over the top violence and better effects. Check out the trailer and decide for yourself.

New Release Round Up 11/15

Been holding off on upgrading your favorite Tom Cruise movies to Blu Ray? Our pick of the week gives you most of his greatest hits in one convenient package.