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Action Hero of the Week: Dr. David Grant

When the unthinkable happens and Steven Seagal dies, it’s up to Kurt Russell’s Dr. David Grant to help save a hijacked plane and prevent it from being used in a terrorist attack.

Non-Stop Trailer

Liam Neeson takes his ass kicking to the skies in Non-Stop, where Neeson is an air marshal trying to stop a hijacking while being framed for it.

Hijacked Trailer

Randy Couture’s MMA skills are put to the test when he has to stop a group of criminals who hijack a rich businessman’s private jet in Hijacked.

New Release Round Up 11/8

If you’re a completionist, this is your week as not only can you get all the Harry Potter movies but also the complete run of Law & Order and Band of Brothers and The Pacific in a combo pack.