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Enter the Asylum: HG Wells’ War of the Worlds

Our new bi-weekly journey into the world of The Asylum kicks off with their attempt to capitalize on Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, 2005’s HG Wells’ War of the Worlds (it has the author in the title, so you know it’s classy)

Top 5 Recurring Burn Notice Villains

With the latest recurring villain, Anson Fullerton, on the mid-season premiere of Burn Notice this week, we thought we’d take a look back at the other characters who have been frequent thorns in the side of Michael Westen and co.

Admit One 3/12

Four new movies are coming out this weekend, but can any of them defeat Alice in Wonderland?

The Jack Attack: Hour 10

Jack is back to his old position as head of field ops and doesn’t miss a beat while President Taylor orders an evacuation of the UN after learning about the threat.

Admit One 2/26

Horror and Comedy go head to head this weekend as The Crazies takes on Cop Out.