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Beowulf: The Ultimate Epic

The word “epic” gets thrown around a lot these days, it’s hard to remember what is truly… epic. For instance, Beowulf, the anonymously-written heroic epic poem from Old English times which is currently being made into a motion picture. With a top-notch cast and Robert Zemeckis directing, we can only presume it’ll be awesome (and […]

Bonus: Simpsons Movie Deleted Scene

From the season 10 DVD, this deleted scene animatic reveals Springfield’s “theme song” when it seems like the time for nigh is near for the mighty town. Plus, they take a shot at the French. We know that never gets old.

Another John Rambo Trailer

Hey folks, we’re gearing up for Season 2 by offering new ways to view our content. What does this mean? Well, besides our regular assorted YouTube bonus vids provided by Zach, we’ll also be offering EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT. We can’t say what that’ll be just yet, but we’re brainstorming on things we can offer you. […]